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En comparación con mi universidad de origen la Autónoma tenía un nivel más bajo. La mayoría de los profesores eran muy amables y serviciales con los estudiantes extranjeros pero no esperes un trato especial en los exámenes finales (sobre todo MC).

Recomiendo ir a todos los cursos posibles al principio para tener una imagen general de los cursos y los profesores. Después de tres semanas tienes que tomar la decisión final de cuáles quieres tomar (matrícula).Leer más >

La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid tiene su sede principal en el Campus de Cantoblanco, situado a 15 kilómetros al norte de la capital y cercano a los municipios de Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Tres Cantos y Colmenar Viejo.

En él se encuentran el Rectorado y las Facultades de Ciencias, Filosofía y Letras, Derecho, Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, Psicología, la Escuela Técnica Superior de Informática y la Escuela de Profesorado Santa María.

Master’s Degree in Law

Professional opportunities of the Master ProgramProgram specifically designed to meet the high demand for specialists in this field.health professionals, with specific training in clinical nutrition in all disease situations with a multidisciplinary approach and focused on dietary-nutritional treatment.in conclusion, the main objective is to train highly competent professionals by acquiring the knowledge and experience necessary for a rapid professional incorporation.

Start your future at Universidad EuropeaChoosing what to study is one of the most important decisions, so we have a process and an advisory team that will help guide you on this path. In 3 steps you can become a student at Universidad Europea.

FacultyYou will have a multidisciplinary faculty, composed of Dietitians-Nutritionists, doctors dedicated to clinical nutrition, achieving a complete and quality training.the entire faculty is composed of more than 80% of doctors.

List of admitted students to the Master’s Degree in Law UAM

Print >< BackGeneral InformationGeneral Information about our Postgraduate StudiesThe offer of official postgraduate studies of the Faculty of Law has a triple aspect: the Official Master’s Degrees, the Private Degrees and the Doctorate.

The Official Master’s Degrees offered by the Faculty of Law are regulated by RD 822/2021 and are perfectly adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). They have an academic structure based on ECTS credits. This allows a more adequate assessment of the student’s work and the adaptation of the teaching methodology to the principles of European convergence, basing learning on the acquisition of competencies.

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Given the interdisciplinary nature of this degree, any graduate, diploma or degree holder interested in occupational risk prevention may apply for admission and, where appropriate, enroll.

Thus, after completing the Master’s Degree, students will be qualified to practice the profession of Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention in the three specialties that comprise it: occupational safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics and applied psychosociology.

In addition, students will be able to carry out studies on working conditions, risks to the health and welfare of workers and the effectiveness of interventions in the field of occupational risk prevention. All this also allows to integrate in the students’ professional activity, responsibility and ethical sense for the application and defense of fundamental rights, promoting equal opportunities, non-discrimination and democratic values.

CG1. That students are able to develop the necessary knowledge to understand the complexity, interrelationships and dynamics of the preventive action of occupational hazards in companies.