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The itinerary had its first important chapter in the convent of Santa Cecilia, in Trastevere, run by Benedictine nuns. The Reverend Mother Abbess Maria Giovanna Valenziano was the hostess of a visit that took in the rose garden (where 66 rose bushes are planted with species from all over the world, some of them very old, from which a rose jam is made with a recipe dating back to 1700) and a spectacular botanical garden that recreates the one that once existed, with numerous aromatic and medicinal species such as lavender and sage, as well as citrus trees and an Arab-Norman garden area. The brother of the abbess, Salvatore Valenziano, has advised on the conservation process and from this garden comes the lavender essential oil that the nuns produce and sell. Vázquez de Agredos and Blaya proposed to incorporate the Valencian endemic plant Salvia de Mariola.

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If you want to teach in higher education, specialize in the university field with the master’s degree in distance education, with a transversal quality training adapted to the current demand.

Aimed at both teachers who wish to improve their training as teachers in higher education and qualified professionals without teaching experience who wish to train in this area.

It will help you to have a global vision of the current responsibilities and demands of university teaching, developing a reflective attitude about the necessary competences to be a higher education teacher.

You will deepen in the figure of the teacher as a tutor and guide of the student in their passage through the university, in the planning of objectives and in the self-knowledge of their skills and abilities, as well as in the development of the primary functions of a university tutor.

This module prepares you to develop research on educational issues, defining problems, making documentary reviews and undertaking research projects to reach conclusions.

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A total of 139 applicants who passed the 2019 Family Medicine competitive examination did not apply for a position or submit documentation | Specifically, 149 vacancies were created in health centers in the province of León, divided between the 89 in the Primary Care Management of León and the 60 in BierzoICAL León

A total of 139 applicants who passed the opposition of Family and Community Medicine of the Health Service of Castilla y León, corresponding to the selective process of 2019 for access to the status of permanent statutory personnel, have not applied for a place or submitted documentation. Thus, the resolution of the Regional Health Management (Sacyl), published today by the Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl) and collected by the Ical Agency, only publishes the award of 562 places.

The Regional Ministry of Health published last January the order to fill 710 Family and Community Medicine positions, of which 401 corresponded to area doctors, who are assigned to a health area instead of a health center. These are professionals who, for the most part, perform continuous care functions, but also substitutes, depending on the needs of each health center. The rest, 309 vacancies, are team vacancies, which means that they will be in a consultation room of a health center. In the end, today’s resolution publishes 273 area physician vacancies, so 128 positions have not been filled.